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The Power of Instagram

Our Blog June 2023

Have you heard that Instagram has over 100 million users? Did you also know that teenagers are the driving force behind this app's popularity?

With this information in mind, Semicolon Communications wanted to harness the power of Instagram for one of our clients who works predominantly with the teenager, Elrod Orthodontics.

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Elrod Orthodontics sees patients of every age, but has a large base of patients who are teens! And what better thing to do as a teen who is waiting on appointment than to get on their smart phone.

Around the Elrod Orthodontic Office we have designed fliers that promote monthly Elrod Orthodontic Instagram contests. The photo and the posting of the photo is all up to the patient (no extra work on our client's end!). The photos are hashtagged specifically for the contest and at the end of the month a random winner is awarded a handsome prize!

The more our client can engage with it's patients, the more likely the patient's friends or patient's friend's parents (the true decision makers) will be aware of the services our client offers. And in the orthodontic world, peer to peer recommendations are always a good thing!

We can't wait to see how the contest works out and to see the great photos our friends at Elrod Orthodontics will come up with!

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